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Luxury Midsize Suvs Model Comparison And Reviews

Sport utility vehicles have grown in popularity ever since their inception. The latest Luxury Midsize Suvs deliver everything people have come to demand in a multi-purpose vehicle. The SUV caters to large families, mobile businesses, cargo, and the performance requirements of various consumers. Several of the best-rated models are demonstrated below according to fuel economy, performance, seating capacity, and luxury features and includes models from Mercedes, Audi, Acura, Volkswagen, Infinity, and Lexus. It is important to remember that the various manufacturers all specialize in, and market to, different niches; this results in an imperfect feature to feature comparison.

The SUV is universally larger than most cars and therefore heavier, decreasing their fuel economy significantly. The average statistics for the six vehicles listed goes as low as a staggering sixteen city miles per gallon, and as high as twenty-five highway miles for another. If better mileage is preferred by the customer, the vehicles with the best tested fuel mileage include:

1. Lexus RX 350
2. Infiniti FX and Volkswagen Touareg
3. Audi Q7
4. Acura MDX
5. Mercedes-Benz R-Class

Luxury Midsize SUVs = Volkswagen Touareg - SUV ComparisonLuxury Midsize SUVs are becoming more powerful as customers begin to demand a vehicle with space and performance. Because of innovating space-saving ideas like fold down seating and under seat cargo areas, seating capacity has increased, thereby reducing power. Manufactures have answered this by making the engines significantly more powerful, the chassis more technologically advanced, and aerodynamics more efficient. The Audi Q7 comes equipped with a supercharged 3.0L V6, packing more punch than other models, but sacrifices fuel economy for the increased horses. The Acura MDX has plenty of accelerating power and a Super-Handling AWD system, making it agile on roads and nimble in parking lots and small spaces.

A trait that appeals to all Luxury Midsize SUVs customers is the seating capacity for a third row of passengers. While most midsized SUVs claim to have a capacity to seating seven people comfortably, the real level of comfort is a matter of perspective. The Infiniti FX is a sporty and luxurious Japanese import with smooth lines and a shape that cuts into seating and cargo space. It is a bad choice for a family-oriented driver. The Volkswagen Touareg boasts a clean-diesel model and a redesigned, luxurious interior with more cabin room than others in its class. Costing only four thousand dollars less than its competition, the Porsche Cayenne, the base model is a good choice for seating capacity and storage area.

When it comes to the point of luxury, the winner seems to be the perennial customer favorite, the Lexus RX 350. It boasts the same high-tech interior and luxury features as its more expensive rival, the Acura MDX, and with a somewhat less busy dashboard. The leather seating and electronic accessories make adjustments automated through the use of memory settings. Automatic parking is available in many models; some come with rear back-up cameras and proximity alerts. The best Luxury Midsize SUVs are a matter of personal need and priorities, each model offers something unique for their consumers.

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