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Perfect For Large Families Are Large SUVs

Luxury Large SUVs are perfect for large families, safety conscious parents, mobile businesses, and luxury seekers who prefer the amenities provided by the larger space. It has always been an assumed fact that these full-sized sport utility vehicles guzzle gas at a staggering rate, and with the exception of the new Cadillac Escalade Hybrid, this remains true. The power plants in most of these models have been pumped up to haul the heavier weight and additional passengers, as well as provide towing capabilities that were previously unheard of from a luxury vehicle. The exterior technical and suspension-related components permit travel to almost anywhere on the planet. Versatility, storage capacity, and power couple with entertainment and convenience features to make up some of the most incredible machines on the market.

SUV Comparison - Cadillac Escalade Hybrid = Luxury Large SUVsLuxury Large SUVs
Fuel economy is not an expected trait of large SUV’s, nor is it a requirement in most cases. With the popular trend of environmental awareness sweeping the globe, even this is no longer an acceptable fact for the engineers at General Motors. There is an emerging attempt at a paradigm shift with the release of the Cadillac Escalade Hybrid, capable of achieving twenty miles per gallon in city traffic and twenty-three miles per gallon on the highway. These numbers are unheard of among competing makes. The second best mpg found among the list of Luxury Large SUVs is the Mercedes-Benz GL that checks in at seventeen and twenty-one, city and highway. Unfortunately, for Mercedes, the GL is the only large SUV that performs so well. The better-equipped and more rugged Mercedes-Benz G-Class has the worse mileage of any model in its category at eleven mpg in the city and fifteen mpg on the highway.

When it comes to power, towing capacity, and performance, nothing weighs in like the Mercedes-Benz GL 350. The base model comes with all of Mercedes signature features and high-tech gadgets, plus the addition of a BlueTEC power plant, a turbodiesel six-cylinder motor with excellent fuel economy for its size while delivering 400 pounds of torque per foot to the wheels. The next comparable vehicle would be the Toyota Land Cruiser, and although criticized for its mileage and third-row seating, reviewers praise the durability and strength that the model has been made famous for. Boasting an impressive 8,200 pounds of towing capacity, a 5.7 liter eight-cylinder motor, assisted hill start programming, and proprietary Crawl Control technology that allows the driver to maneuver over boulders and uneven terrain, the Toyota Land Cruiser is everything it has ever been while scoring in at Toyota’s most expensive vehicle.

The Lexus LX has myriad features that loyal customers have come to expect from the large SUVs manufacturer. While the LX lacks a significant platform for rigorous off-roading, it more than makes up for that inadequacy with high-tech gadgets and convenience features. With seating for seven, 83 cubic feet of cargo room, standard AWD, the LX is perfect for families and individuals that require the space. Heated seat, power tailgate, push button ignition, and power-folding third row seats give Lexus owners the ease they have come to expect.

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