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Luxury Compact Suvs Are Ideal For Active Families

Large SUVs used to be a prestigious status symbol, but with today’s rising fuel prices and a growing consciousness for protecting the environment, luxury compact SUVs are the vehicles of choice for the wise consumer. The smaller size of these vehicles typically equates to significantly lesser fuel consumption. Even better for the environment, many SUV manufacturers of compact SUVs offer hybrid models that have both a standard gas engine and an electric engine, which reduces both fuel consumption and harmful gas emissions.

Features and Price Points

Despite their smaller size, current models of luxury compact SUVs do not stint on power, luxury or comfort. Designed with innovative engines that deliver excellent speed and performance, these compact SUVs offer owners the sporty look and performance of an SUV while also delivering the fuel efficiency, maneuverability, safety and comfort of a sedan. This perfect blend of features make these vehicles ideal for active families who need a versatile vehicle to meet a variety of needs. A compact SUV can be configured to seat seven family members, club members, church mates or teammates for the activity of the moment. If less than that need to be seated, the extra seats can easily be stowed away to make room for grocery items, sports equipment, garbage that needs to be disposed or items on their way to the local Salvation Army office.

Most models come with a CD player and satellite radio on-board. The list of optional features is a long one from a rear seat DVD entertainment system, touchscreen navigation system, parking assist modules with rear view cameras, heated seats, four-wheel drive capabilities and a host of interior and exterior detailing. These add-ons significantly affect the selling price, but basic models are very reasonably priced so prospective car owners can find just about any price point they are comfortable with.

Luxury Compact Suvs = Infiniti EX35 - SUV ComparisonLuxury Compact Suvs – Models to Consider

Audi Q5. Although it is much smaller, the Audi Q5 does not pale in comparison with its similar-looking cousin, the Audi Q7. This compact crossover SUV comes fully equipped with an automatic tri-zone AC system, acoustic parking assist system, e Xenon plus headlights, and a complete multimedia system which includes a rear system display, Bang & Olufsen surround speakers.

Infiniti EX. This crossover SUV combines the great good looks of a sports coupé and the excellent performance of an SUV with its V6 engine and five-speed automatic gear box. The luxurious interior boasts of leather and aluminum-alloy trim on a wave-inspired layout, a leather console system, a generous LCD monitor and the signature Infiniti EX analog clock.

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque. Nicknamed the “Baby Rover,” the Evoque is the lightest and the smallest Rover yet. Available in 4WD, 2WD and a five-door model, this SUV is a visually attractive package that is powerful, fuel-efficient and eco-friendly.

Volvo XC60. Stylish, classy and convenient, this Volvo XC60 SUV comes fully equipped with excellent safety features that Volvo is famous for. A couple of these safety features include anti-lock brakes with brake assist and a rollover-sensing system that offers improved stability control.

BMW X3. Equipped with a more fuel-efficient 3 liter six-cylinder engine, an eight-speed transmission and a much improved suspension system, the BMW X3 delivers performance and comfort much better than its predecessors did. Exterior and interior improvements plus additional rear space make this new BMW X3 a strong competitor among luxury compact SUVs.

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