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Large SUV Comparison: A Battle for Road Supremacy

The Large SUV Comparison Battle

The large SUV comparison battle can be summed up in one statement: The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Thats a common saying that you may have heard a few times already. Well, this is not always the case. Quite frankly, the truth when it comes to large SUV vehicles is that the bigger they are, the better. But of course, that comes with a few things that need to be understood as advantages as well. Once can never undermine the ability of certain specs in making a car the best it can possibly be. And for such, the same can be said to large SUVs. There are so many car companies in the market that try to sell themselves by saying that they do hold the answer to the future of SUV. When in fact, there are around a number of them who will be saying the same thing! For any buyer, it will definitely be confusing. Not only is it hard to get anything going when it comes to the purchase and all, but think about how much they have to think about trying to gauge which of cars are actually saying the truth.

Therefore, it is time for some help in this dilemma. The large SUV comparison battle has so many sides to it. Depending on what you think is advantageous or not, it will all boil down to one thing: your preference.

Large SUV Comparison - Cadillac EscaladeThe Cadillac Escalade

A large SUV comparison will never be complete without a Cadillac being represented. When talking about the largest SUV choices in the market, and even the most popular, one cannot deny that a notable name coming up would be the Cadillac Escalade. This 7-seater which was originally meant to be a family vehicle has now turned into a symbol of affluence and wealth. From moguls, celebrities to even the presidents of different countries, they have favored the Escalade over everything else. And as the years go by, the Escalade only gets better as well. It has a 6.2L V-8 engine, perfect for its large form.

As a matter of fact, this kind of engine is just what other large SUV reviews have been so happy about. Even for the size of the Cadillac, it is so swift on the road. It makes for a great ride when talking about safety as well. The Cadillac has the Onstar, Ultrasonic park assist and many others when it comes to its safety features. The Cadillac exterior alloy is bulletproof and cannot be easily scratched. Even though it is priced at nearly $70,000, you can bet that every penny of that is worth it.

Large SUV Comparison - Nissan PathfinderNissan Pathfinder

In this large SUV comparison, the Nissan Pathfinder is definitely no stranger to the limelight. Unlike the Escalade, the Pathfinder has been reliant on its dependability despite the much cheaper price tag. This year, the latest version of the Pathfinder is a bit more special, especially with the model celebrating its 25th year in the business. The engine fitting can be the biggest choice that you need to make when buying a Pathfinder, as in this regard of this large SUV comparison, you may not see it being as par with the Cadillac. Nevertheless, a 4L V6 and a 5.6L V8 is still no joke. It may not have a lot of features, but one can bet that the spaciousness is enough to make up for it.

Large SUV Comparison - Toyota SequoiaToyota Sequoia

Since this is a large SUV comparison, it cannot be done without a representation from one of the cheapest car makers in the world. Toyota has been a symbol of power and quality, and no doubt that the new version of the Toyota Sequoia really represents this. Reviews have often heralded this as one of the best large SUV in the market because of its sheer spaciousness and let alone the power that it packs. The base model for the Sequoia runs through a 4.6L V8 engine. Though incomparably smaller than the others on top, it is still quite powerful. If you read through various reviews, you’ll notice that most of them are very positive with the high speed transmission capabilities.

As a matter of fact, its 330 horsepower engine gives it the capability to go to 0-60 mph in less than 6 seconds. And one cannot undermine how well the Toyota Sequoia has been in terms of the space that it provides. The seats can accommodate as much as 8 people inside without any trouble at all. The spaciousness has always been another selling point for Toyota. Because of their cheap production, they have made it a point to create cars that offer more on comfort, style as well as safety and security to all the buyers.

Large SUV ComparisonLarge SUV Comparison - Toyota SequoiaLarge SUV Comparison - Nissan PathfinderLarge SUV Comparison - Cadillac Escalade
2012 Toyota Sequoia
2WD 5Dr. SR5 (4.6L V8)
2012 Nissan Pathfinder
LE 4X2 (4.0L V6 5A)
2012 Cadillac Escalade
2WD (6.2L V8 6A)


Transmission Speeds656

Fuel Economy (city)141514

Fuel Economy (highway)202218

Cruising Range422359416

Standard Towing Capacity (Lbs)690060008300

Seating Capacity877

Cargo Volume (cu. Ft.)18.916.516.9

Overall Length (In)205.1192.3202.5

Comparably Equipped Price$41,915$40,330$64,120


The large SUV comparison does not end with these vehicles. There are many more out there, but in terms of quality, one cannot deny that these are at the top. So in any case, you can bet on these to be the better choices. In no time, a good large SUV will be yours.

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